Formal & Customized Training Programs


We offer three formal training programs:

In addition to our formal training programs outlined below, clients sometimes ask us to create customized training programs, which we are happy to do. Often, these customized programs use modules drawn from our formal training offerings, sometimes augmented by Case Studies specific to the client.

Of course, if the client has chosen to create an internal decision support capability, we train the internal consultants with advanced training sessions and on-the-job coaching support.

1-day Executive Briefing

DecisionProcessesIncExecutiveTrainingThe Executive Briefing introduces the company’s top decision makers to the elements of decision quality and methods for improving their decision making. It also outlines the implications for reforming decision making processes at the strategic level – the cultural, organizational, and systems implications. Decision makers learn about decision traps, and are shown how to improve their day-to-day decisions. They are introduced to the array of tools and processes available to their managers, from small to large decisions. The Strategic Dialog Process (SDP) is described and its advantages compared to traditional decision making processes. The use of SDP by the management team to create high value corporate strategy is demonstrated.

3-day Decision Workshop For Managers

DecisionProcessesIncTrainingThe Decision Workshop for Managers is a hands-on, in depth introduction to decision tools and processes. Training is based on the Case Study method. Participants learn the elements of decision quality, how to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, structuring the right dialog around a decision with the right stakeholders, analytic tools, the use of test strategies to search for value, the use of test hypotheses to generate learning, how to structure uncertainty, scoping the problem, and other tools and methods. They also learn how to determine which tools and processes, at what level of effort, to apply to which decisions. They leave prepared to participate in a new, efficient, and fast-paced decision culture and help transform the company’s decision making.

1-day “At Your Desk” Decision Training For Employees

This session is designed to give every decision maker in the company a simple set of tools for improving decision making. Participants learn the elements of a decision and how to think better about any decision by “pulling apart” these elements. They also learn about biases and decision traps, and how to determine whether to gather more information before making a decision. In one day, they come away with a set of simple, non-quantitative tools that they can apply to the decisions they face. They also come away with a process to guide them through the steps of any decision. Finally, they come away with procedures for determining how to treat decisions in the context of each participant’s particular organizational envelope so as to ensure full consideration and successful implementation.