Executive Team Facilitation

executiveteamAn Executive Team is facing a very major decision, often against an impossible deadline. In some cases, this is a “bet the company”-type decision. In other cases, it is simply a very important decision with the potential for large value creation or destruction. Sometimes, it is deciding the strategy for an important business unit. There is considerable risk and uncertainty. There are messy issues. There are awkward group dynamics. There are a number of component decisions that are hard to sort out. And there are strong differences of opinion on which way to go.

Our seasoned decision professionals guide you through this maze rapidly and skillfully. We provide facilitation, tools, and processes that assure you will reach a quality decision. We are not the decision makers, you are. We show you the judgments you will need to make and those that don’t matter; you focus on making them. We show you how to craft a decision you will be happy with. If there is a short deadline, this will be an intense process, but our intensity will overmatch yours.