Decision Process Redesign

decisionprocessredesignMany organizations recognize that they have systemic problems with decision making and turn to us to help fix their decision processes. Usually, the solutions are a matter of introducing new decision methods and systematizing the movement of decision-relevant information between decision makers. In this case, knowledge of and a discipline in applying processes and tools is all that is needed.

Other times, the solution involves changing the organization’s decision culture. Most organizations welcome such a culture change because the changes are seen as introducing simple logic and common sense. As part of this introduction, several of our clients have chosen to create an internal entity dedicated to supporting quality decision making. This entity supports decision makers with decision facilitation, tools and analysis, and is responsible for measuring decision effectiveness. There are several successful examples of this approach among our clients. In these engagements, clients often ask us to begin with a “decision audit” that identifies areas where the corporate decision process is most in need of improvement.

In all cases, training is needed to make the process redesign “take.” Usually, these are built around our Training Programs.

Another critical element is transferring the capability to apply the right tools and processes to the right decisions. This is a twofold capability: knowledge of and skill with the different tools and processes required for small versus large decisions; and knowing which tools and processes, with what level of effort, are appropriate for which decisions. We teach you both aspects of this capability.